Our Doctors

Our Doctors

Our Doctors

Crossdale is a group of experienced and highly qualified healthcare professionals, dedicated to providing you with the state of art services.

Kemmy Ikheloar

With 17 years of commercial experience in National Building Society and HEM Group, Kemmy has a full CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) qualification and an Alumnus of Ambrose Alli University, where she obtained her BSc Computer Science and Business Information Systems.

Ann Jacobs

Equipped with over 15 years of customer relationship and hospitality experience, Ann has extensive knowledge of children and adult care operations. Ann is an Alumnus of Ambrose Alli University, where she obtained her BSc Microbiology.

Ehimen Ikheloa​

For about 20 years, Ehimen has been creating and re-engineering business processes, providing enterprise solutions and focusing on project and program delivery.

With experience delivery strategy, Ehimen ensures efficiency and creates value to his work.

Ehimen is an Alumnus of University of Portsmouth, where he obtained his MSc Communications Systems Engineering.

We are constantly evaluating and implementing ways to improve patient safety.

Please speak up when you have questions or concerns.

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Health Care Center

If you have any Emergency by health problem contact this No. 035 687 9514 or via our contact form

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